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Trump On Big Return: Recent Polls Say He Would Wipe Out Biden and Harris

Donald Trump would defeat both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if the 2024 election were held today, according to the latest poll.

The former Republican president leads Biden by six points in the latest Harvard Caps-Harris poll, which is another scary poll for the White House, which is plagued by declining ratings and multiple crises, writes the Daily Mail.

Forty-seven percent of those polled would support Trump in 2024, compared with 41 percent of those who support Biden. Twelve percent said they were undecided.

Harris is doing even worse than her boss. She lags behind Trump by 11 percentage points.

The vice president would get 38 percent of the hypothetical vote, while Trump has 49 percent – two points more than he would have scored against Biden.

While Biden has already announced his intention to run for a second term, Trump has repeatedly announced his candidacy for 2024, but has not yet said with certainty whether a third presidential campaign will begin.

When Biden chose Harris as his vice president, making history, it was thought she would take his place. But her deep unpopularity, which is even greater than that of Biden, worries left-wing operatives about who they will run in the next round of the presidential election.

It may be good news for Harris that she is the first in a hypothetical duel against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Republican nominee received 38 percent support in the Harvard poll, while Harris had a better result with 40 percent.

The former Republican in the House of Representatives, who was elected to lead the “sunny state” with the support of Trump, was a rising star within the Republican Party, especially because of his outspoken criticism of the Biden administration and its resistance to its public health policies at the time. of the crown.

He is second behind Trump in several Republican polls in 2024, although the former president is still considered a favorite candidate.

Although the presidential election is still a long way off, Biden’s unpopularity remains a bad omen for Democrats in Congress who want to retain their small majority in the November midterm elections.

A recent NBC poll released Sunday shows that Republicans have a slight advantage over Democrats in the upcoming race. Forty-six percent of voters said they would like Republicans to control Congress in 2023, compared with 44 percent who support Democrats staying in power.

A recent NBC poll in January found that Democrats had a slight margin of 47 to 46 percent over the Republican Party.

The same poll shows that Biden has a rating of 40 percent, the lowest figure ever seen by the NBC in the Democratic presidency.

They are also battling ubiquitous supply chain problems and record high inflation over the past 40 years, leading to a dizzying rise in the cost of living for millions of Americans every day.

The war in Ukraine also affects Biden’s term in the White House. Aside from fuel prices soaring, multiple polls show that American voters fear an imminent war with Russia and have little faith in their president dealing with the international crisis.

Sunday’s poll found respondents wondering “how much confidence” they have in Biden’s ability to control Russia’s military action.

The majority – 44 percent – said they had “very little” trust in the president, while 27 percent had “only a little” trust in him.

Only 28 percent of Americans polled said they shared “excellent” or “fair” support for Biden’s approach to Ukraine – far from the confidence the president sought to project through decades of Senate foreign policy experience.

Most Americans seem to believe that Biden’s actions so far have led the country to a direct conflict with Russia, despite the statement that the United States prefers a policy of de-escalation through diplomacy.

Sixteen percent of Americans say they believe their nation is already at war with Russia based on Biden and his officials dealing with the crisis. A staggering 44 percent said the devastating conflict “will end next year”.

Only 34 percent are convinced that the United States will not be involved in a war with Russia.

And 56 percent of those polled by the Associated Press / NORC Center for Public Relations Research on Monday said Biden was “not strong enough,” and 6 percent said he was “too strict” with Russia.

Thirty-six percent of those polled said the president’s response to Putin was “approximately correct.”

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