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Trump Uncover Biden’s Hypocrisy over Elon Musk

Trump said Biden won’t increase oil & gas production “because he does not have the will to stand up to AOC.”

At the “Save America” ​​rally in Florence, South Carolina, on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump praised Elon Musk, who called on Joe Biden to immediately increase production of oil & gas.

“Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately,” Musk said in a March 4 tweet. “Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.”

In his speech, Trump called Musk “a guy that I like and respect” and “friend of mine.” although he “runs an electrical automobile company,” Trump noted, Musk is looking for a direct increase in oil and gas output as costs at the pump skyrocket.

Trump said “Biden won’t do it because he does not have the will to stand up to” progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a high-profile “Squad” member.

“You know AOC? We call her AOC,” said Trump, as the massive conservative crowd erupted in boos upon hearing the New York lawmaker’s name.

Earlier in the week, the House approved legislation Wednesday night that will ban Russian oil imports to America in an endeavor to create restrictions declared by Biden into law. Biden had announced the projected ban once critics suspect the White House of enacting “soft sanctions” on Russia and “pussy-footing around.”

Gas costs have soared across America. As of last Sunday, the national average jumped over $4 for the primary time since 2008. In places like California, gas prices are breaking records at levels Americans haven’t witnessed before.

In response to the speedy increase, the Biden administration has blamed oil corporations and Russian President Vladimir Putin, though skeptics have noted that gas costs were rising anyways as a result of of post-pandemic provide chain issues.

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