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Tucker Carlson: The beginning of the war between America and Russia

Tucker Carlson has sharply criticized US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who said NATO members had the “green light” to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

“What we are seeing is the beginning of a war between the United States and Russia. If that sounds awkward, what else would you call it? Now you can support everything Tony Blinken said. You may support that, but do not lie about what is happening. To be honest and with clear eyes as much as we can, especially now, because that’s important. The Biden administration only intervened violently amid a heated war between the two sides. This means that the United States is now an active participant in the war. We are at war with Russia. Whether that war was officially declared or not, whether Congress approved that war or not, is all irrelevant. “That war is happening right now as we watch,” Tucker Carlson told Fox News.

The host explained that Ukraine’s potential entry into NATO is the key to fomenting war with Russia.

“It’s obvious now. Vladimir Putin only attacked Ukraine because he did not want Ukraine to join NATO. Putin certainly had other motives. People always have more motives, but that is the main reason why Russia invaded. The Russians do not want American missiles on their border. “They do not want a hostile government in the neighborhood,” the host explained.

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