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Not for you to make money, but for them to make money. The price of paid Twitter would be $ 2.99 per month, and includes the option of “undo tweet” and organizing tweets in collections.

The whole thing was discovered by independent researchers and according to them, unofficially, the subscription service would be called Twitter blue.

The collections option is an upgrade to the existing bookmarking option for tweets, and for 2.99 per month instead of the current bookmarking you will only be able to sort the tweets by folders in chronological order.

The “undo” option would work similarly to Gmail, and would give the user a few seconds to pull back the tweet.

Although it has so far been funded by ads, Twitter is under serious pressure to supplement the way it makes money after Apple launched a feature this month that requires users to explicitly agree that they want to be tracked on social media and their activity on a variety of platforms. applications.

This is crucial for the accuracy with which Twitter delivers ads, it depends on how many of them will be clicked or will have some user activity, which is directly related to the money they will earn from the published ad.

Last week, Twitter asked users to be allowed to follow them, on the grounds that they were helping to “keep ads relevant”.

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