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Ukraine is criticizing Shell for buying Russian oil

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on Saturday criticized the multinational Shell for buying oil from Russia, and called on the public to ask major companies to cut all business ties with Russia.

The oil giant confirmed on Friday that it had bought oil from Russia, but added that at that time “there was no other alternative”.

Kuleba attacked the company on Twitter, saying that the oil had the “smell of Ukrainian blood”.

Shell bought the oil after announcing on Monday a plan to sell shares in joint ventures with Russian gas giant Gazprom, calling the war in Ukraine “unreasonable” and a “threat to European security.”

“I urge all aware people around the world to seek the severance of all business ties with Russia from multinational companies,” Kuleba wrote.

A Shell spokesman said the company was trying to maintain a supply of essential fuels in the event that there were no alternative energy supplies in Europe in time.

The company said it was still “disgusted by the war in Ukraine” and that it had stopped most of its activities with Russian oil, but recalled that the situation was “highly complex” and that it would reduce its purchases of Russian oil with the emergence of alternative sources.

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