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US Archives: Trump Took Confidential National Security Documents with him

The US National Archives sent a letter to Congress today stating that former President Donald Trump had confiscated confidential documents.

It is a box of materials, including confidential national security content, that Trump took with him to Florida when he left office last January. The archive also informed the US Department of Justice about this.

For the past two weeks, it has been debated whether what Trump has done is in accordance with federal document storage laws or improper handling of classified information.

Following negotiations between his lawyers and the archives in January, 15 boxes of documents that Trump took from the White House were returned. The archive indicated that no documents were handed in, including “certain posts from social networks”.

The announcement that Trump took confidential information when he left the White House prompted some Democrats to accuse him of hypocrisy. A major part of his 2016 campaign consisted of attacks on rival Hillary Clinton, who allegedly mishandled and lost emails with national security documents.

There were also reports that as he left the White House, Trump tried to recycle some documents in the toilet bowl, and Politico previously reported that he tore sheets of paper that were then glued by his aides.

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