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(VIDEO) A Large Fire in Rome Destroyed The Iron Bridge

Italy – A large fire last night engulfed and partially destroyed the Ponte di Ferro, the industrial, so-called iron bridge that connects the two Roman settlements of Ostinese and Trastevere.

The fire broke out last night before midnight, and the firefighters managed to localize it around one o’clock this morning, reports the Ansa agency.

The Iron Bridge Zone is the center of night gatherings in Rome.

According to initial information, there are no human casualties, and some eyewitnesses claim that the fire broke out in the barracks of the homeless under the bridge, after which a “stampede” was created by people who were in the nearby restaurants and bars.

According to the Italian media, the fire endangered some of the gas installations, and as a precautionary measure the gas supply, electricity and water were excluded.

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raja, visited the scene of the accident and said that “the most important thing is that there are no human casualties, but it is sad to see that part of history has been destroyed.”

The fire burned part of the bridge that collapsed in the Tevera River, and it remains to be determined whether the basic structure is damaged or the bridge will have to collapse due to damage. The Industrial Bridge was built in 1863