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(VIDEO) Biden “Attacked” by a Giant Insect

Joe Biden encountered quite large insects while waiting to board the Presidential Air Force One, which flew from America to Britain to meet the world’s leading people.

Namely, talking to his military escort, the American president felt something walking around his neck and started taking it out with his hand. It was not until he looked at the floor that he realized that there was a huge insect around his neck that bounced comfortably away, leaving Biden in surprise.

The insect attack was filmed by reporters on whom Biden later turned and laughed and said, “Beware of crickets.”

However, he was not the only one who had a close encounter with aggressive insects. The real infestation of crickets in the last week took place along the American East Coast, but also in some inland countries.

Namely, everything went so far that the crickets caused mechanical problems in the plane and the flight of the journalists who were supposed to accompany Biden was delayed for seven hours.

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