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VIDEO | Biden has Accused Russia of Trying to Influence the 2022 US Election

In a speech to intelligence services, Joe Biden accused Russia of spreading “misinformation” in order to influence the 2022 US elections.

– See what Russia is already doing with the elections and disinformation in 2022. “This is a clear violation of our sovereignty, ” he said during a visit to the National Intelligence Office near Washington, citing intelligence he receives daily on the subject.

The president also attacked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. “The Russian president has a big problem, he has an economy that has nuclear weapons, oil resources and nothing more,” Biden said, adding: “I think that’s why he’s even more dangerous.”

He also expressed concern about the growing number of computer attacks using ransomware, a computer program that blocks user access to a computer and demands payment of ransom, usually in bitcoin, in exchange for a key to restore access to data. “If we find ourselves in a war, in a real armed war with a superpower, it will be due to a hacker attack,” he said.

In the autumn of 2022, the so-called midterm elections are to be held in the United States, in which seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the seats in the Senate will be renewed.

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