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VIDEO: Terrible Attack on Kharkov: Ukrainians Claim that There are Dozens of Dead

Terrible footage of the Kharkov attack has been released. Ukrainians claim there are dozens of dead, and one of the recordings was shared by a spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Zelensky

During the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus, the aggression against the Ukrainian cities does not stop. According to footage currently appearing on social media, Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkov, was heavily shelled.

Several videos, shared by a number of prominent journalists and diplomats on Twitter, show explosions, burning cars, the remains of a missile literally stuck in the asphalt of the roads, and seen killed and wounded civilians. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry claims that dozens of people were killed during the artillery attack.

A dramatic video of the Kharkov shelling was also shared on Twitter by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s spokeswoman Yulia Mendel.

A video was also shared by the former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria, Oleksandr Sherba, but we will not share it due to its disturbing content.

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