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(VIDEO) The White House Was “Shaking”: Two Tornadoes In Washington

The U.S. National Weather Service confirmed that the latest and most devastating storm contained two tornadoes, one of which passed near the White House.

According to the Federal Meteorological Service, an F1 tornado with winds of 93 miles per hour formed in Arlington, Virginia, at 9 pm on Thursday and crossed the town of Roslin and the Potomac River before exploding in the National Park, a large park. in downtown Washington. Moments earlier, a tornado warning had been issued on residents’ phones, urging them to move away immediately.

The tornado was 374 feet wide, and covered a four mile path between the Washington Monument and the White House.

The same storm produced another tornado, rated as slightly weaker F0 with winds of 423 miles per hour, which collapsed a few minutes later in eastern Washington.

The tornado was 224 foot wide and ran for about 0.74 miles through mostly residential neighborhoods.

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