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(Video) Trump Announces Biden Ready Answers: That’s why the Country Goes to Hell

Former United States President Donald Trump has spoken out about a video of his successor, Joe Biden, answering reporters’ questions during a recent news conference.

Trump shared the Telegram video with a comment: “Can you believe it? “It is no wonder that our country is going to hell.”

Biden was caught with ready answers at a press conference in Cornwall, England, where the G7 summit was held.

The media reported that his notes contained answers to possible journalistic questions, including those that may relate to the Ministry of Justice.

Thus, some of the prepared answers read: “Trump abused his powers”, “Now we have to clear it up”, “Trump’s Justice Department is out of control”.

This is not the first time Biden has used ready-made notes. Western media reported that Biden came to a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin with ready answers to possible questions, and used them at his first press conference in March.

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