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[VIDEO] Trump Responds to Reports Claiming Melania Trump will not be Returning If He Wins In 2024

Donald Trump is hitting back this week about reports from the media claiming that former First Lady Melania Trump will not be returning to the White House in 2024 if he runs for president once more and wins. During a wide-ranging interview on Fox News, the 45th president ripped those reports as “fake news.”

“Is it true that the former First Lady Melania Trump has told you: ‘I’m not going back if you run again?’” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump.

“No, that’s not true,” Trump responded. “More fake news.”

“She was a great first lady, she did a great job. She loves the people, they love her,” Trump added of his wife. “I see how they love her.”

Trump has not officially announced a 2024 presidential run, but it appears that he may be building a “campaign in waiting.”

Trump insiders have said he’s started the process of considering possible running mates.

“A lot of times, a presidential candidate will pick a running mate to balance out wings of the party. But with Trump, that’s not the issue. He is the party, basically. It’s so united behind him,” said John McLaughlin, one of Trump’s campaign pollsters. “So his choice, if he runs, will come down to what he wants. It would be a much more personal decision this time.”

“They’re all begging me. They all come here,” One adviser, who spoke anonymously with Politico, said Trump told them.

“Once you get past those two issues — loyalty and Trump going more with his gut — Trump has a lot of leeway in who he would pick,” said Tony Fabrizio, Trump’s lead pollster in 2016 and 2020.

“He’s not necessarily looking to balance the ticket geographically, but what he can do is pick to balance gender, race, ethnicity — a lot of different lanes there,” said Fabrizio, who is polling for a Trump-affiliated super PAC. “It could be everything from a Tim Scott in South Carolina to an Asian American in California, somebody Hispanic in Texas. There are so many choices and paths. And there’s lots of time to go.”

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