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“Voyager 1” Recorded Sound Outside of Our Solar System

Nearly a decade ago, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft entered interstellar space, leaving our Solar System. It was the first man-made spacecraft to enter interstellar space, and it happened after a journey of almost 35 years. Researchers are now analyzing the data the spacecraft is sending to Earth.

They have just noticed an unusual sound detected outside our Solar System. Stella Kosher Ocker, a Cornell PhD student and lead author of new research on the discovery, described the sound as “weak and monotonous because it is in the narrow frequency range”.

The sound was recorded as Voyager traveled from the boundary between our Solar System to interstellar space. The constant monotonous sound is created by interstellar gases, reports “Futurism”.

The discovery could help researchers better understand the shape of the heliosphere, which is a protective bubble around the solar system, and how interstellar gases affect it.

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