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Washington Is Running Out Of Gas

 Gas supplies to the US capital are running low, despite the fact that the largest gas pipeline network in the United States has resumed supplies after the cyber attack, and the government assures drivers that the situation will soon normalize, US media reported.

Gasoline shortages in Washington rose from 79 percent the previous day to 87 percent, said GasBuddy, a fuel market monitoring company. President Joe Biden assured drivers that the situation would return to normal by the end of the week.

“Most countries and regions are places where the panicked fuel supply has not stopped, which is probably a contributing factor to the slow recovery (in the market),” said Patrick de Hahn of Gasbady.

According to him, it will take “several weeks”.

The six-day disruption of the Colonial Pipeline was the most serious cyber attack ever recorded, and showed how vulnerable critical US infrastructure is to cybercriminals.

On Thursday night, they announced that they were continuing to work on their entire system connecting the Gulf of Mexico refineries to the East Coast markets. However, the mass panic continued after the pipeline resumed operations, leaving gas stations empty in the southeastern United States, even in areas far from the pipeline.

At a time when more and more Americans are traveling by car to ease anti-epidemic measures, gasoline prices at gas stations have reached record levels in recent years. The average national price reached just over $ 3 a gallon, the biggest increase since October 2014, the American Automobile Association said.

About 70 percent of gas stations in North Carolina are without fuel, and in Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia are about 50 percent.

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