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Weapons For Kyiv! America Send Weapons To The Ukrainians Who Secretly Was Provided From The USSR For 100 Million Dollars

The United States will send to Ukraine some of its Soviet-made military equipment, which it secretly procured decades ago, US officials told The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

It is, among other things, the SA-8 anti-aircraft system (known in the USSR as the 9K33 Ossa), which the Americans secretly procured to test Soviet technology and which the Russians distributed to allies around the world for decades. This weapon is sent to Ukraine because it is compatible with their systems and Ukrainian soldiers know how to use it. The Pentagon declined to comment on the report, which comes at a time when the administration of US President Joe Biden is increasingly backing Ukraine’s air defenses.

The portal writes that a huge Soviet transport plane was spotted at Huntsville Airport in 1994, and it was later discovered that it had a large number of S-300 rocket launchers, bought by the Pentagon for $ 100 million from Belarus, as briefed by an unnamed official involved in the mission.

Part of that Soviet arsenal is still stored at the base in Alabama, but a Telegraph source says the S-300 is not among the weapons sent to Ukraine, which has been speculated since a C-17 military plane recently landed at the base.

The US Congress recently approved Biden’s decision to transfer some of its weapons to Ukraine, as well as NATO member states, which include aircraft, ammunition, vehicles and other weapons that are already in other territories or in existing stockpiles.

Iowa Republican Sen. Johnny Ernst says the transportation of Soviet-era weapons will be covered by the latest decision.

Ukraine already possesses Soviet-era weapons, including the S-300 surface-to-air missile launcher, which is used for short- and medium-range targets, such as fighter jets and ballistic missiles. But against Russian fighter jets and planes flying at lower altitudes, only Stinger missiles can be effective, and the United States and NATO will also provide them to Ukraine.

The United States believes the new shipment of anti-aircraft systems will give Ukraine control of its airspace after NATO rejected Ukraine’s request to establish a no-fly zone over the country in order to stop daily air strikes. Officials explain that such a decision could lead the US and NATO into direct conflict with Russia, which Biden is trying to avoid in all possible ways.

Biden is traveling to Brussels this week to discuss the current situation at the NATO summit, his spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed. Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also visited NATO Eastern Bloc countries to discuss ways to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities. Austin visited Slovakia last week to discuss sending an S-300 from the country’s arsenal. Slovakia said it would suit them on condition that the United States return what it sent to Ukraine, but no agreement had yet been reached.

The WSJ writes that American weapons, such as the Patriot system, are not suitable for the Ukrainian military because it would take months of training for Ukrainian soldiers, something that Ukrainians cannot afford at the moment. But the solution may be to send patriots to Slovakia from Germany and the Netherlands.

We are talking to the United States – confirmed the Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Nad. He said Slovakia was ready to give up its S-300s if the United States guaranteed them adequate weapons of another type.

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