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When Will Kabul Fall To The Taliban?

The astonishing speed of the offensive and the conquest of the provincial capitals raises questions about how long the Afghan government will last.

KABUL – The Taliban have seized three more provincial capitals in Afghanistan and the headquarters of a local army, ending its flash through the northeastern part of the country and continuing its offensive elsewhere, officials said on Wednesday. The rebels now control about two-thirds of the country as the United States and NATO finalize their withdrawal after two decades of war there.

The fall of the capitals of Badakshan and Baghlan provinces in the northeast and Farah province in the west put increasing pressure on the country’s central government to stem the tide of progress, even as it lost a large base in Kunduz. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has rushed to Balkh province, already surrounded by Taliban-held territory, to seek help in deterring insurgents from warlords linked to allegations of crime and corruption. He also replaced his army chief of staff.

Although the capital Kabul itself was not directly threatened by progress, the astonishing speed of the offensive raises questions about how long the Afghan government can retain control of the province. Multiple battle fronts have expanded the government’s special operations force – while regular troops have often fled the battlefield – and violence has forced thousands of civilians to seek safety in the capital.

The U.S. military, which plans to complete the withdrawal by the end of the month, has carried out some airstrikes but has largely avoided involvement in the ground campaign. The Afghan government and military have not responded to repeated requests for comment on the losses.

The success of the Taliban offensive also raises the question of whether they will ever join the long-stalled peace talks in Qatar, aimed at an inclusive interim administration in Afghanistan, as the West had hoped.

Humayon Shahijada, a lawmaker from the western province of Farah, confirmed to the Associated Press on Wednesday that the provincial capital of the same name had fallen. Neighboring Nimroz province has been overrun in recent days following a week-long Taliban campaign.

In Farah, Taliban fighters dragged the barefoot bloodless corpse of an Afghan security force across the street, shouting, “God is great!” Taliban fighters carried M-16 rifles and drove Humvees and Fords donated by Americans, through the streets of the city.

“The situation is under control in the city, our mujahideen are patrolling the city,” said a Taliban fighter who did not want to be named, referring to his fellow insurgents as “holy warriors”.

The firing from automatic weapons continued throughout the day in Farah.

The rebels had previously seized six major provincial capitals in less than a week.

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