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WHO: Ukraine To Destroy Dangerous Pathogens. Russia: And Why Did They Have Them at All?

The World Health Organization has called on Ukrainians to destroy all high-risk pathogens in their laboratories. Russia asked us to see the documents with which everything “played” in those laboratories.

The WHO request for the destruction of hazardous material from Ukrainian laboratories is explained by the need to prevent their possible leakage, which would be a threat to human health, reports Reuters.

This comes after days of ping-pong statements on the subject. First it was a conspiracy theory to talk about such laboratories, so Victoria Nuland admitted that they exist, but that they are not theirs and that these are completely ordinary laboratories that have scientific research purposes and receive financial assistance from the US, EU and WHO.

Russia and China have maintained their accusations. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russian forces had obtained documents showing urgent attempts to delete data on bio-military programs in laboratories in Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa.

The Chinese insist that the bigger picture be lit. According to them, yes, there are 26 laboratories in Ukraine but the United States has control over a total of 336 bio-laboratories in 30 countries around the world.

Russia’s chief of chemical and bacteriological defense, Igor Kirilov, said that “the study of the found materials confirms the transfer of more than 140 containers of bat ectoparasites from the biological laboratory in Kharkov abroad.”

The Russians claim that, among other things, these laboratories studied the possibilities of spreading particularly dangerous infections through migratory birds and extracted documents and photographs of birds to which rings were allegedly tied to fly up to 2,000 kilometers northeast of Russia.

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