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Workplace Affair, Obscene Offers From Colleagues – The Reason For Bill Gates’ Divorce and Microsoft Dismissal

Bill and Melinda Gates’ marriage looked almost perfect, which is why the public was surprised when they announced their divorce half a month ago. But the problems between Bill and Melinda seem to have existed for a long time, and now there are rumors that the billionaire had an affair. In fact, according to some sources, it was because of this affair that he resigned from the board of Microsoft.

In 2000, Bill Gates had an affair with a colleague from Microsoft. Reportedly, in 2019, the woman Bill was seeing sent a letter to the company’s board of directors, and even Melinda read it.

In the letter, the employee claimed that she and Bill had an intimate affair that lasted several years. As soon as the investigation into the alleged affair began in 2020, Bill Gates abruptly withdrew from the board of his company and is now only a consultant.

The rumors were confirmed by a Microsoft spokesman who told the Wall Street Journal:

“Microsoft received a letter in the second half of 2019 according to which in 2000 Bill Gates initiated an intimate relationship with an employee of the company. “The board of directors reviewed the complaint with the help of a law firm in order to conduct a detailed investigation.”

However, the spokesman claims that Bill’s resignation is not related to the affair of 20 years ago, but he wanted to dedicate himself to philanthropy.

The New York Times, meanwhile, shared other charges against the billionaire.

Reportedly, in 2016, Bill attended a presentation by a Microsoft employee, and when the event ended, he invited her to dinner. The source claims that Gates sent an email to the employee in which he says:

“If this makes you feel uncomfortable, pretend it never happened.”

A year or two later, when Gates was in New York on a business trip for the foundation he founded with Melinda, he invited another woman to dinner. She allegedly just smiled and did not answer.

So far, as many as six women who have worked or are still working for Gates have shared similar stories. At the same time, they emphasize that Gates was not attacked with his obscene proposals, and everyone rejected him.

It is not known if Melinda knew about all this and whether these events had anything to do with their divorce. Earlier, rumors surfaced that Melinda’s biggest problem was Bill Gates’ friendship with the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda was angry that Bill was dating Jeffrey and warned him to end the friendship. Bill and Jeffrey met in 2011, and by then Jeffrey had already served a prison sentence on charges of child prostitution.

When details of Bill and Jeffrey’s friendship were released in 2019, Melinda began consulting with divorce lawyers.

When they announced the news of the separation, Bill and Melinda asked the public to respect their privacy and have not shared details since.

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