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Zelensky: I Lost Interest In Nato, We Understand That They Are Not Ready To Accept Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he had lost interest in NATO because he realized that this military alliance was not ready to accept Ukraine.

The promise that Ukraine would never become a NATO member was one of the main demands of Russia, which it had repeatedly emphasized before launching the invasion. The Kremlin said yesterday that it would end the military operation if Ukraine, among other things, agreed to incorporate neutrality into its constitution.

Zelensky said he was ready for dialogue, not capitulation.

“As for NATO, I lost interest in this issue because we realized that NATO was not ready to receive Ukraine. “The alliance is afraid of a confrontation with Russia,” Zelensky told ABC News.

He added that Ukraine would not be a country to beg for anything, nor did he want to be such a president.

“I am talking about security guarantees. I think we can talk and find compromises for the temporarily occupied territories and for the republics that are not recognized by anyone but Russia. “It is necessary for Putin to start talking, instead of living in an information balloon without oxygen,” Zelensky said.

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